Thursday, March 21, 2013

Family Pics, Yay!

We just recently welcome Emma Georgia Alley into our family on January 31 2013. She has been an angel that brings a sense of peace with her. We feel like an official family having her with us and everything not revolving around just Max's needs. It has been a big adjustment for all of us. I am learning how to etertain max and emma's needs, max is learning how to share and poor luke is learning to adjust to all the crazy emotions the rest of his family members are going through!!!

The delivery went great. My water broke on Thursday the 31st at about 12am. Our amazing neighbor took max for us and we rushed to the hospital. I had an epidural the whole time and was just enjoying the fact that I was almost done. She came into the world around 6:40pm. I only had to push her about 15 mins because she was very ready to come into this world. We were on cloud nine, me because I was done being pregnant and Luke because he finanly has a little girl that has him wrapped around his finger. He hates hearing her cry and loves her smiles more than anything.

Max is just a busy body these days. He literally runs around the house just for the sake of running. I mean literally. He loves to wrestle his dad and get his hands dirty in anything that he isn't supposed to get dirty from.

Luke is as busy as ever working his tail off to build the PPC devision at Avalaunch Media. If you are wondering what PCC is you will probably still wonder after I explained it so you will just have to ask luke :)  We are loving our new home and all the comfort and room it provides our new family. Here are some pics of the main rooms.

Last but not least here are some family pics we got done!

Friday, December 28, 2012

The close to 2012

The end of 2012 brought us a great Christmas Gift this year. We moved to Utah back in February to start Luke's new job at Avalaunch Media where he works as the PPC manager. If you don't know what that is you have to ask Luke because it is too complicated to explain! we lived in a basement apartment to save up money and weren't in any hurry to move because we fit perfectly there. After our exciting news of expecting a baby girl we started pursuing looking for a home to grow in. We finally found one after a couple of months looking. It was such a blessing to have the process go as smooth as it did so we could get into the house before our little addition to our family comes. Here is a picture of the front of the house.
We have had nothing but good experiences being welcomed into the neighborhood. It is a new neighborhood so our presence did not go unnoticed. We had over a dozen men from our local ward help us move in which occurred in a record 20 minutes! There were several members of the neighborhood who stopped by and delivered house warming gifts as well as making us dinner and welcoming us into the neighborhood.
The year ended with lots of unpacking and getting ourselves settled in. It has been very busy around our house with the move and the holidays so here is a recap of some of the Holiday excitement we have had starting with Halloween and ending with Christmas!
and a few videos to top it off... Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lake Tahoe 2012

We were able to hold the first Remington Family Reunion this year at Lake Tahoe. We all stayed in a big cabin that fit my whole immediate family and their kids. We tried to plan as much as we could with transporting over 20 people around. Here are some of the highlights with max's cousins.
This is a picture of Emerald bay!
Max and Luke sword fighting!
The cousins had the most fun on this trip. They all got along really well and enjoyed waking up to each other each day. I loved seeing max get so excited with his cousins. It made the whole trip worth it.
We went to a famous park that had a creek with a salmon run taking place. A salmon run is where salmon travel in the thousands upstream to lay there eggs. There were so many fish and we even got to see the eggs up close. Max was just about to touch the eggs in this picture, and we all scared him by yelling no at the same time.
One of our last major activities was stopping at a beach on lake Tahoe. Even though it was chilly when you weren't in the sun, it was warm enough to enjoy digging at the beach and playing in the sand. Some crazy family members even got in the water.

Halloween 2012

We had a Great Halloween! Luke and I had more fun watching max be excited and run around the neighborhood than I think Max did getting the candy! We decided to carve pumpkins with Max before Halloween. All I can say about that is these pictures speak for themselves about all the emotions max felt during this new experience.
These pictures really made me appreciate and enjoy for the first time the many emotions that a 2 year old can experience in a very short period of time. Suprise, joy, skepticism, fear and all out terror in a matter of seconds. Lol Max finally got to run around the neighborhood with his cousins Tanner and Reagan. They were so ready to go and get candy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Max's early Birthday Present!!!

We are so excited for this new development. We have been trying for a while, not as long as some. We are still pretty early along so anything can happen but we couldn't wait to share the news.!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life has been so good to us. We have already been living in Pleasant grove for 4 months. We have loved our landlords who live above us. THe hardest part about the basement is the noise, but all of the perks make up for it. They let us use their yard which we have never had in an apartment. We also get to interact with them and they are an amazing family. We have been able to spend lots of time with my two sisters anna and liz and their families as well as Luke's parents. I have had so much fun lately. I feel just as busy as a working mom even thought I don't have a job because I get to do so many fun things. In april I did Womens conference with Julie and Eva. It meant alot to be able to grow closer to them through that fun and spritual experience. We had a lot of exercise running from session to session and trying to catch the right ones for us. We were able to spend the whole day without our kids thanks to Anna and liz and we learned and gained a lot from it. I hope to do it again next year. We just got back from Washington D.C. this weekend to honor and remember John by participating in the TAPS program. We started out the trip pretty much set on not doing it again in D.C. because of costs but by the time we were done we knew we wanted to do it again no matter the cost. Luke got to connect to some special people that have lost loved ones and that is just priceless. We also got to see a lot of neat things. We watched the U.S. Marine Corps parade which was next to perfect. We spent some time in the Arlington cemetary looking for my Grandparents and Great Grandparents on my Mothers side. They are both named Max, which is neat connecting to past generations by having Max's name in our family. Im also grateful that we got to spend time with my parents in D.C. as well. They were so close that they drove down for sunday and slept over the last night with us. It was nice to give hugs and spend time with them and let max get to know his other Grandparents better. Max is so big these days. This morning he was throwing a basketball in a little hoop and coming to me afterwards asking for high fives. He is all boy. He loves watching basketball with his dad. He even cheers and says "Whoa" when someone makes a shot. He is also developing a lot. He is very observant in trying to figure things out. He loves to count which consists of out of order combinations like "2...7...9...20...5...". He also started signing along with songs like Child of God and ABC's. He gets about every 5th ward and gibberish in between but I love it because it is learning. We are trying to move forward with life. Luke and I both have callings in the ward which affects our decision to move out when we start looking for a house soon but we are a growing family and can't stay in this small space forever. We only signed a short contract with our landlords so we can't stay very long. Life is going by so fast and we are just glad that we get to be together through everything.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What are the Alley's up to...

We just can't help but have fun!!

Update on life with max

So I feel kind of silly always writing about max, like there isn't too much going on in my life.. but max is my life and everything fun I do now a days is because of Max. He have so much fun just playing and being silly. Luke is the instigator of most fun moments and I just get to enjoy the too of them.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Vacation!

We had a wonderful Christmas vacation with Mary's family this year. We went to beautiful eastern Oregon and stayed with Mary's sister Sarah and family. Mary was able to go out a few days before me to get some more time with her family. I took so many that I think they can do the talking better than I can...

"Dick Cheney" taking aim. :-)

Bro and Sis on Christmas Morning!

Christmas Dinner
Lounging around on Christmas MorningThe Kerns FamilyMaximusThe Boys and their 21 Birds(undoubtedly the best pic of vacation)

While we went hunting Dave and Danny had a soda drinking contest. Can you gu

And for those of you who have several minutes to spare, you can watch most of the Nativity(I couldn't publish the whole thing because it was too long).